$3,500.00 USD


Dream Space

Rent your dream space and maximize the profits of your retail business!

Join us in this 12-week accelerator program to get the THREE KEYS to your dream space:

  • 🔑 Powerhouse Business Plan
  • 🔑 Financial Framework & Fundraising Plan
  • 🔑 Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Fundamentals

You'll get access to the first module one week before class starts, and you'll get an email to coordinate schedules for our group instructional sessions immediately.

"I changed my mind" money-back guarantee available up until the end of Week 3.

The reviews are in!

Without Pedal Retail Advisors we never would have opened the retail wine shop of our dreams. Despite being seasoned professionals with years of running wine programs, and having done months of intensive research for our business plan, we were wholly unprepared for the grueling reality of opening a business from the ground up. We thought the SBA and its resources alone would be enough for us new, determined entrepreneurs---but we were so, so wrong. Luckily, we found Pedal Retail Advisors: Abby and Sheila coached us through every step of the way, culminating in helping us lock down a lease for a great space at a huge discount off the original asking price.

McLean & Joseph, Washington, DC

I really couldn't have done this without you guys, and I will be forever appreciative of your help. Even now, when I feel a minor panic attack coming on as I realize how much money is going out at once, I remember that I have a plan and it will be OK.

Kristina, Laurel, MD

I didn’t realize all the thoughts in my head until you prompted them! Then it was fun, like letting it all out! This has been a huge learning curve, but it feels so good to feel support and knowledge from you all. My confidence is boosted knowing you have set me up for readiness in the next step!

Jenna, Charlotte, NC